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Rich Abr. Herder Solingen - Sale » Cold weapons » Knives, daggers, bayonetsAd number: 18243

Rich Abr. Herder Solingen Rich Abr. Herder Solingen - Sale
Date added: 12.05.2013, 05:21Displayed: 3712x

Description: 1933 early ss mans service BY by Rich Abr. Herder Solingen. its is uncleaned looks pitted with age .marker marked Rich Abr. Herder Solingen .please note this is pre RZM item been in storeage for many years been in my fathers family since 1950 when he bought from a Antique market he payed the sum of £25 pounds back then that was a lot of money ,un sure if orignal but very old in its own right over 50 years old we know of. sorry no cover thanks for looking please email for better pics

Price: 350 £

Locality: East of England

Contact information:
Advertiser: Anonymous

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